Can social media sell my property

Social media has become more prominent for individuals, businesses and industries alike, but can you sell your property in a status update on Facebook? Or in 280 characters on Twitter? While social media is certainly a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, it has also become a hugely effective medium for real estate agents looking to communicate new property listings and bring the right buyers through the door.
Here are four reasons why social media is an essential tool in any strong real estate sales and marketing campaign designed to extract a premium result.
Can social media sell my property 

Facebook advertising - sell your real estate on Facebook


Facebook advertising is one of the most targeted and affordable advertising platforms currently available and will help get the right people through your door. A successful Facebook advertising campaign will help generate awareness and sign ups for open homes, position your listing in front of potential buyers based on targeted demographics and generate leads for your property sale. 

Go where the buyers are


In October 2017, Social Media Statics Australia reported that there are 15,000,000 monthly active Australian users on Facebook, 4,200,000 on LinkedIn, 15,000,000 users on YouTube, 9,000,000 users on Instagram and 4,000,000 daily users on Snapchat*. There’s no doubt that your potential buyers are already using social media to connect and stay informed, so why try to force them elsewhere? Go where the buyers area already!


Appeal to the right buyers


Every social media platform has unique demographics. For example, professionals passionate about career development can be found on LinkedIn and a younger audience can be found on Snapchat. A strategic real estate agent will be able to navigate social media to share your property with a targeted audience. If you are selling a property that is ideal for a first home buyer, Snapchat might be the perfect match. If you are selling a family property, Facebook might be ideal. Social media allows you to appeal to the right buyer, in the right way.


Maximise exposure of your property.


Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to gain exposure for your property. By sending details on your property out to a broader audience, you will generate more interest and increase your chances of bringing the right buyers through your door.

While social media isn’t the only tool that a real estate agent should have under their belt, it’s an unbeatable way to gain exposure for a property listing and reach out to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. 

And with social media constantly evolving, it’s a channel that needs watching for anyone looking to sell their property for a great price.

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*, November 2017, ‘Social Media Statistics Australia - October 2017’.