Did you know 42% of buyers’ first step is to look online for a home like yours?

In fact, 80% of all buyers search online to find their next home*.

You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ve come into the information age and there are now more tools available to real estate agents than ever.

People today use the internet to find much of the information they need every day. From where to eat to where to shop and the best car or house insurance available, the internet has put the power of information and decision-making at your fingertips.

And the same is true for real estate, with the internet taking over as a major marketing tool for property selling.

While every good marketing strategy should tap into a variety of mediums, digital marketing allows sellers to place their property in the pockets of potential buyers around the world. This approach brings your property to your buyers, rather than the other way around, and allows the message to incorporate a written description, a look inside your property through professional imagery, video, drone footage and details on your location, price and neighbourhood.

Sites like realestate.com.au and Domain have revolutionised the property search. realestate.com.au achieves an average of 4.3million unique visitors over an average four-week period and Domain welcomes 3.1million visitors** who are actively searching for a property like yours. Most real estate agents today will advertise your property on sites like these because this approach works – it builds awareness and a profile for your property.

Beyond listing sites, a top real estate agent will also tap into a number of additional digital tools that will help you get the most out of your property marketing strategy.

Real estate agency websites, landing pages, targeted content marketing, social media, social media advertising, pay per click advertising and other online advertising and property information platforms are tools that work to bring traffic to your online property profile and through your front door.

At McElwaine, we take a lot of pride in leading the way by focusing on new technology and using digital tools to inform, connect with and bring the right buyers to your property for a premium sale.

While the internet is certainly an important part of any property sales/marketing strategy, the best approach is still a multi-pronged one that combines digital with print, sales and other strategic tactics.

Before choosing a real estate agent for your property sale, ensure you ask how they will market your property and through what mediums. It’s important to choose an agent that will strike the right balance between online and traditional forms of marketing and therefore maximise awareness and profit on your sale.

To find out how McElwaine uses a world-class and multi-pronged approach to selling your property, contact us on 02 4933 9929 or email info@mcelwaineproperty.com.au

*Contactually, Real Estate Statistics for 2016. (http://www.contactually.com/blog/real-estate-statistics-for-2016).

**Roy Morgan, July 2016, ‘realestate.com.au still leads with 4.5m visitors vs 3.2m going to Domain – but 2.2m Australians use both’.