How we’re staying up to date in the changing real estate industry


We have been making some amazing sales recently and wanted to share with you just a sneak peek at how we’ve been able to stay up to date in our rapidly changing real estate industry. Not only that we’ve been able to achieve some outstanding sales results delivering great prices for our clients and helping our buyers find their dream home! For us that’s what its all about!

We have been so lucky to be able to sell some of the areas most beautiful homes. We believe that one of our strengths is creating world-class marketing and back it up with skillful negotiation.

Our team is amazing and are able to keep up with the latest skills and technology to craft a story around each property. This story is targeted at what we describe as the ideal buyer. This enables that buyer to absolutely fall in love and really know for certain they have found their dream home.

We then get those stories out far and wide to make sure no stone is left un turned in the search for that ideal buyer. To keep up and make it easier than ever to find an amazing property we have created and launched a brand new website that showcases these properties.

The latest technology and advances in tracking and analytics enable us to customize and adjust our strategies and marketing on the fly to reach the perfect buyer.

We are constantly tracking the numbers, the usage cases, devices, platforms, geographic regions, languages to make sure we know how best to reach our buyers.

We are always measuring the effectiveness of the smallest of details, the brightness in a thumbnail, the screen time of actors, the order of a photo gallery or the inclusion of keywords to know with absolute confidence that our campaigns are as effective as possible.

With advances in technology we have been able to become more responsive and provide a better service to our clients and buyers. We are in control of an astronomical amount of communication. Sending tens of thousands of texts and emails and making hundreds of phone calls for every one of our properties.

By updating to the smartest systems, each of these receives the care, detail and personal touch necessary to deliver world-class service. As a result we can be sure that nobody falls through the cracks and no stone is left un turned for our clients.

And our results in real estate speak for themselves!

We have achieved some of the regions best sales prices, and hold the #1 record sale price in an increasing number of suburbs.

So if you have an amazing property we’d love to you to get in touch and get your home sold through McElwaine’s.

We have created a database of an incredible number of buyers that are on the hunt right now for their perfect property. You can see here hundreds of buyers each engaged in negotiations for the sale on just one home! All of this is tracked, recorded, followed up on and managed in a smart system then reported with detail and accuracy to our sellers.

So if your thinking of selling there’s never been a better time! The market is hot and buyers are looking for the amazing lifestyle properties our area has to offer. We have new advancements on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with our clients. Give us a call or get in touch.