Properties for Rent in East Maitland

In our latest article, we’re sharing everything that you need to know about renting in East Maitland. As experienced real estate agents and property managers in the East Maitland area, the team at McElwaine Estate Agents understand all of the ins-and-outs of renting in this area. Our years of experience paired with our dedication to providing our clients with the best possible outcome ensure that we are well-positioned to help you find the perfect East Maitland rental property. 

Finding a Rental in East Maitland

Finding a rental that’s perfect for you and within your budget can sometimes be difficult, particularly when you’re competing with other applicants. If you’re trying to find a rental that offers good value for money, consider looking in areas that you know are cheaper. The median rent price in East Maitland is $415 per week, and as low as $350 per week for a 2-bedroom home. You can also view all of our current East Maitland rental properties here

Apply Quickly

Due to the rental market in East Maitland being high-demand and competitive, if you see a rental you like, it’s important to apply quickly to avoid missing out. Applying quickly will be made easier if you have all your documentation on hand so that you can submit your application as soon as you’ve finished viewing the property. 

Beating the Queue

Beating the rental queue can be made easier if you’re sufficiently prepared and focus time and energy into finding a property. Firstly, finding an East Maitland real estate agent who is committed to helping you search for a property can be incredibly helpful and give you an advantage in securing the property. Secondly, keeping a close eye on new listings and booking viewings as soon as you see a property you like can ensure that you have the best chance of being an early applicant. 

Cheap Rentals

McElwaine Estate Agents have a range of Cheap rentals in East Maitland that provide significant value for money in an area just 40 minutes from Newcastle. If you’re searching for a cheap rental, it’s important to let your real estate agent know so that they can look for the best deals for you. 

Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a tenant, you have a range of rental rights and responsibilities to ensure that you are looked after, and that you look after the property. To view your full list of rights and responsibilities as a tenant, visit the NSW Government website. 

Fees and Costs

Just like buying a home, there are a range of hidden costs associated with renting a home aside from rent payments. 

These include:

  • Utilities including gas, water and electricity
  • Internet 
  • Initial bond payment 

For more information about renting in East Maitland, please get in touch with the team at McElwaine Estate Agents today on (02) 4933 9929. You can view all of our current rental listings here