Hi everybody. We all think about selling before market and how does that actually work. Because lets face it – Its going to save you some marketing dollars and its also going to save you some time. But the good news is – Its also going to give you a premium price!

I’ve been selling properties before they come on the market for God knows – Lots and lots of years. So I want to share with you my hot tips about this. Because this strategy really works really well in a hot market like this. We could not be in a better market. And lets face it guys – We’re not going to have huge amounts of people coming through and we don’t want them because of Covid! This strategy I think is a cracker – Lets dive in and share my secrets with you.

Diving straight in – The ingredients are very simple but explosive at the same time.

Work with over 300 Cashed up buyers.

I’m not just talking about buyers that are thinking about buying or going through the finance stage. I’m talking about cashed up buyers that are ready to buy that your agent is dealing with right now. Key #1 is having over 300 buyers. Your agent should be able to track that through their technology, CRM’s, 24 hour interactive back end systems or whatever they use. For example I could be talking to a buyer at midnight and I get my information downloaded as I get back into work mode in the morning. So they are receiving data, getting information all the time, Im talking to them, I know their story, where they want to be, what sort of life they want to live. And I really get that information because that is THE KEY to get you – our clients – a premium price. So be sure to know that your agent has the technology to back them up. Are they doing google analytics on your property? Do they really know where your buyers are coming from? Because if you want to sell off the market you’ve got to have an agent that really knows their stuff. To a tee! Because your going to showcase your property to them without going to market. You want to get that energy about it, get that momentum before it even gets in front of anyone. So your agents got to get excited about it and be able to hold that energy

Get a serious negotiator

You have to have somebody that’s been an agent for at least over 10 years. Somebody that really rocks their craft and LOVES what they do. And has invested in themselves to be a great agent. We’re not just talking about someone that can sell in small segments of the market. We’re talking about somebody that can sell from $50,000 right up to – in my case – up to $22 Million dollars. You’re really wanting someone that rocks their craft and has that vibrancy about them and energy that can really connect with people. We use that term a lot in our industry but really just loves what they do. And you’ll know that. This is really a key ingredient when your looking to sell a property before it hits the market.

I also have to add that its really important that your agent knows what they are doing. Its not just about how many sales an agent makes – in my opinion – its what the outcome is. What is their average sale price? In this market with properties in hot demand and buyers lining up down the street at the first open, we can all sell properties. BUT can we deliver exceptional prices in the market? I believe that selling a property before market is a cracking strategy to get that outcome.

So of course, you need a solicitor or conveyancer to do this. We still need a contract of sale. Its important, its the law and we have to do it. And also have the technology in place to support a quick sale.

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