Australia has a thriving property market and if you’re appropriately prepared, selling houses in Australia should be a relatively stress-free process. At McElwaine Estate Agents, we specialise in selling homes in the East Maitland area to get our clients the best results possible. Therefore, as industry experts, we’re providing you with a guide to selling houses in Aus, and answering the question: “How can I get the best price for my house?”

What you need when selling houses in Australia

One of the first steps to take is to get a valuation of your home; this will give you an accurate price point that your house could achieve based on the size, location, style and condition of your property, as well as what similar properties in your area have sold for. From there, you’ll work with your real estate agent to market your home, conduct open homes and decide on the sale method. Once you accept an offer, you will enter a settlement period (usually 6 weeks) after which your house is officially sold. 

How do I get the best price for my home?
There are a few factors that you should consider when selling your house that can increase the amount you get for it. These include the time of year as certain seasons are more competitive in the real estate market. Knowing your local market and also making strategic home improvements can also increase the value. At McElwaine Estate Agents, we work with our clients to ensure they get the maximum amount possible for their home. 

How to sell fast

There’s no doubt that when selling houses in Australia everyone wants to sell their home fast, and for the best price possible. At McElwaine Estate Agents, we’re dedicated to working with you to create a tailored sales campaign that is designed to help you sell your home quickly, for the price that you want. 

Some of the best ways to sell your home fast are to:

  • Advertise in major property website such as Domain and
  • Put a sign out the front of your home
  • Put effort in before open homes
  • Hire an experienced agent 
  • Improve the street appeal 

How to sell easy

Everyone wants to sell their home quickly and easily for the best price possible. However, being able to do this involves forward planning to ensure you have the best chance for success. This includes working with a trusted Real Estate Agent, being prepared to make some changes to your property to increase it’s appeal, and also being prepared to meet the market if necessary. 

Save money selling

Sometimes you will need to put a small amount of money into fixing your home and, of course, paying your Real Estate Agent. While it’s important not to skimp on real estate costs (this is an essential part of selling your home quickly), you can still save money selling your property. One of the main mistakes homeowners make before they sell is making too many expensive changes to their home that may not necessarily add value. Therefore, it’s important to ask for advice from a property valuer before making any changes. 

Get the best results

Getting the best sales results for your property can be achieved by using a trusted real estate agent who will work hard to match you with committed buyers. At McElwaine Estate Agents, we have a strong database of interested buyers and can offer you advice on how to achieve a result you’re satisfied with. 

Sell for highest price

If you wish to sell your home for the highest price possible, you may need to be prepared to make changes to increase the value of your property. However, if you cannot afford to do so, McElwaine Estate Agents are always committed to selling our clients properties for a premium price that is still aligned with the market.

Laws and regulations

When trying to sell your house in Australia, there are several laws and regulations you must abide by. To learn more about the selling laws in Australia, we recommend visiting the NSW Government website.

Taxes, fees and costs 

The taxes, fees and costs associated with selling a home include:

  • Real Estate commission fees
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Conveyancing fees
  • Lender fees
  • Styling/ Staging (if necessary) 

If its you’re first time selling you may want to check out our First Time Buyers Guide.