Buying and selling in Mayfield!

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The sought after suburb of Mayfield nestled located in the north-west of Newcastle in the Hunter Region. Formally called North Waratah but is now known as Mayfield, named after Ada May, the daughter of John Scholey, the owner of the land.

People who live here will tell you that it has a unique charm of its own, you can still see the well maintained mansions and grand houses that were established in the early years of the 1800s. You will surely love the awe-inspiring murals and the stunning statues all over town which brings out a constant  vibrancy and pleasurable elegance to the neighborhood.

Buying and selling in Mayfield

The homes in Mayfield  are spacious with beautiful front lawns and relaxing backyards where the median home price is sitting at $ $580,000 and $435 per week for rental return,  ideal for established families, retirees and especially youth where it is a home to multiple educational facilities.

Mayfield contains many educational facilities in its suburb such as Mayfield West Primary School in Gregson Avenue, Mayfield East Public School in Crebert Street,  St Columban’s Primary School in Church Street , Hunter Christian School in Kerr Street and Bull Street, San Clemente High School in Havelock Street and  nearby The University of Newcastle

Medical facilities such as Mayfield Medical Centre in Maitland Road, Mayfield Medical Connection in Hanburry Streetand and only a thirteen-minute drive to John Hunter Hospital in Lookout Road in New Lambton are all within reach.

A tranquil residential scene in the middle of a buzzing cultural hub. In Mayfield, you can feel a sense of  peace yet still connected to the rest of the city. A commuter-friendly  community, accessible to public transportation  by bus, taxi and train in Waratah Station  and Georgetown  Station located in Hughes Street in Mayfield.

The abundance of opportunities to stay active, eat well  and  embrace the neighborhood with lots of café’s, restaurants, boutiques, local hotels and pubs with a spotlight on social life.

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