I bought the property with McElwaine Estate Agents just over four years ago and I found it to be a simple process then and it was just as simple to list it with Natasha four years later! The sale went through within the first week of listing and I’m beyond thrilled with the result! I found working with Natasha and her team to be an enjoyable, collaborative process and they were very open to feedback too. I appreciated the different approach to listing my property as it didn’t fall into a common category and the result speaks for itself. Natasha knows her clients and the potential buyers. She took the time to understand what my plans were and who my property would directly appeal to. I was kept updated throughout but not obsessively so. I didn’t need to know about every inquiry and trusted Natasha to do what she does best. When a serious offer was forthcoming, I knew the work had been done prior by Natasha and I didn’t have to question anything. I have no hesitation in recommending McElwaine Estate Agents-


Shannan carter